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About Us - Meet Available Psychotherapists
Our clinician team consists of unlicensed and licensed mental health professionals. Unlicensed clinicians are supervised weekly by an experienced and licensed clinician. 
We work towards providing you with the best services possible as we share a commitment and vision to support individuals, couples, and families on their journey to wellness and healing. We are a team of clinicians that, collectively, come with a vast level of experience and strengths. Please read below about each provider and we hope that you are able to find a clinician that you feel an ability to connect with. We look forward to your call to begin your journey at Roots in Healing. A free phone consultation is available prior to beginning services as we believe that it is imperative that you feel comfortable in choosing the right provider for you. 

Jeanette Lopez-Urbina, LCSW #66090

Choosing the right therapist is an important decision and, in considering me, I would like you to know that I am committed to providing a level of care where I place priority in providing you with an experience where you may feel listened to, supported, and being in partnership with me towards your path to finding relief & wellness. 


I have dedicated myself to providing services extensively to youth and families, especially in the area of trauma, which includes addressing issues, such as gang involvement, sexual exploitation, immigration trauma, and issues related oppression, racism, and acculturation issues. I am a bilingual Salvadoran-American practitioner who enjoys practicing mostly from a social justice, relational, and psychodynamic approach. In addition to my work in Private Practice, I am an adjunct faculty at a local mental health professional institute and provide trainings throughout the Bay Area on topics related to the LatinX population, trauma informed care, and cultural responsive services.

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Monica Osorio,
LCSW #76687

Hi! My name is Monica and I am a bilingual therapist with many years of experience in creating partnerships with youth, adults and families in various settings in managing and coping with stress and many of life’s challenges and transitions (and all the many emotions that come with it!). My biggest role in the therapy process is to meet you where you are in your journey and accompany and support you as we set goals and strategies and work towards healing, health, and wellness together in a way that best suits your comfort-level and your specific needs. I am here to hold, contain, and offer a safe space to join and support you through your own process of personal growth and exploration. Throughout my career, I have always focused myself in working from a relational based, non-judgmental, trauma informed and culturally responsive frame. Each person is so unique that no single one approach is going to suit every healing and growth process. This is why I draw from a variety of different modalities, some including: psychodynamic, humanistic, holistic and cognitive-based approaches, to name a few. And I make sure to do this with compassion, understanding and care while incorporating your values and strengths. Therapy is an act of courage and I want you to know that I appreciate your willingness and strength to show up JUST as you are as we work towards your personal life goals.  You’ve already made the first step!

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